Youth Group Update - 5.8.14

by Jordan White

Hey folks,


Here is your update for this week:

This week:

There will be no youth group this Sunday as I will be away in Michigan.  


Next Week: 

Next week is our Albany Medical Center Children's Hospital Fundraiser.  I would like the kids to be at the church at 5:00 with the refreshments that they are bringing for the event.  They can bring snacks or baked goods or drinks.  The kids and I will get set up and then we'll go ahead from there.  The event starts at 6:00 with an introdcutory prayer and song by me and then we'll hear form the Youth Group representatives and then from the woman from the hospital.  After her presentation, we'll ask the congregation to match our $500 donation and then take a collection.  We'll then present our total offering to the Children's Hospital.  

Please invite family friends and neighbors to be present for this as a great way to support our youth.


Important Dates:

March 31 - Starting at Lunchtime.  We will gather to complete our other two projects, put together snacks for SFTK, and continue work on preparing for Youth Sunday.  

June 1 - SFTK Intermission Bake Sale

June 8 - Youth Sunday

June 8 - After Worship - Acolyte Training Meeting

June 15 or 22 - Moving Up Sunday - I haven't decided yet.


I think thats it for now.  Thanks for supporting your kids as they do ministry in this community!


In Peace,