Youth Group Update - 5.22.14

by Jordan White

Hey folks,

Here is your Youth Group Update for this week.


Last Week:

We had a wonderful event on Sunday night with our fundraiser for the Children's Hospital at Albany Medical Center.  The Youth Group prepared a nice spread of refreshments and presented a $500 donation to the Children's Hospital.  They also asked the congregation to match their donation and they did and then some with an additional donation of $1470 for a grand total of $1970.  Wonderful Work!  Your kids have really made a difference in the world with this event.


This Week:

Due to the holiday weekend, there will be no youth group meeting this week.  


Next Week:

We will gather at the church on Saturday, May 31 at 12:00.  Lunch will be provided and then we'll get to work on finishing up our other two mission projects, preparing goodies for our bake sale at the Concert on Sunday June 1, and doing more work in preparation for Youth Sunday the next week.  After we finish up our work, we'll head out and make our deliveries.  God Squad folks will be assisting with transportation that day.  When we return from our deliveries, we'll celebrate our mission work and our year together with a cookout around the campfire.  You can plan to pick up your kids around 6:00.


Remaining Dates For This Year:

Sunday June 8 - Youth Sunday - Meeting after church for Acolyte training for next year.  No Youth Group That Night.

Sunday June 15 - Final Youth Group Meeting of the Year - 6:00-7:30 PM

Sunday June 22 - Moving Up Sunday - This is a change from the previous schedule.


That should do it for the remainder of our Youth Group Season.  After June 22, our next event will be a late-summer meeting for the parents to prepare for our new schedule next year.  This will likely look a little different than this year as our Christian Education Committee is working on a potential change in the way that we integrate our youth program with the rest of our church life.


Thanks again for everything!


In Peace,