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A Little Bit About Who We Are

The congregation of the 1st Reformed Church of Glenville is part of the Reformed Church in America, often referred to as the RCA.  For more information on this denomination, please check out their website here

Our congregation dates back to the early 1800s when local area residents gathered to worship in a local barn.  After deciding to build, this small group of people gathered pledges from the local residents.  Those pledges eventually funded the first church building which was completed on our current site in 1813.  These founders were given permission to create this new congregation by the consistory of our mother church, the First Reformed Church of Schenectady.

Our current church building is the third incarnation of the 1st Reformed Church of Glenville, the first two having suffered fires.  In 2007, the most recent addition was made to create more space for offices, meeting rooms, and storage.  These updated facilities now house all the staff and make our building more accessible by providing an elevator to the sanctuary level.

1st Reformed Church has always been affiliated with the RCA since our beginnings.  Our church is part of the Schenectady Classis, the governing body that oversees the local RCA churches.  The Schenectady Classis is part of the Regional Synod of Albany, the governing body that oversees the regional classes.

Our local congregation is led by a group of volunteers known as “Consistory.”  The consistory is made up of ordained Elders and Deacons.  These two groups, the Board of Elders and the board of deacons, along with the current minister and clerk of consistory, are responsible for making all the decisions in regard to leadership of this congregation.  This body meets monthly to work together in leading our ministry into the future.  Meet our current consistory here.

We are located in Glenville, NY at 2172 West Glenville Road.  Here is a map!