Youth Group Update - 5.1.14

by Jordan White

Hey folks,


Here is your Youth Group Update for this week:


I know that I said we were meeting at our regular time this Sunday night, but that was before I remembered that I have a Consistory meeting this Sunday night!  Yikes!  So, instead, we will meet after church for a youth group meeting.  This meeting will start after coffee hour and go until about 1:00.  So, have your kid pack a lunch for this Sunday after church.  They can leave it in the church fridge before church and we'll pick them up at lunch time.

This is an important meeting for your kids to attend as we will begin our preparations for Youth Sunday, which will be next month.  Also, at this meeting, we will finalize all of our mission project plans.  So, please have everyone in attendance.  We will be missing our next few meetings due to my trip to seminary, our first mission event, and then Memorial Day weekend.  So, please do all you can to have your kid with us for this meeting.


Other things to look ahead to in the schedule:

May 18 - Youth Group Fundraiser for the AMC Children's Hospital

May 31  - Youth Group Mission Project Day

June 1 - Sing Forth the Kingdom - Intermission bake sale.

June 8 - Youth Sunday

June 15 - Moving Up Sunday


I think that's it for now.  I'll plan on seeing you all this weekend!


In Peace,