Here’s a little bit about the good folks who work here at the church:

Pastor:  Rev. Jordan White

Music Director:  Jordan White

Director of Congressional Care Ministry:  Art Hudak

Director of Youth and Family Ministry:  Carrie Arretche

Vice President, Personnel, Finance Committee:  Vicki Hayner

Christian Education:  Carolyn Hodgkins

Mission:  Katie Finnegan & Carolyn Hodgkins

Worship:  Don Cooper

Stewardship:  Carrie Arretche & Vicki Hayner

West Glenville Christian Nursery School:  Joelle West

Nursery Care:  Courtney Demarest

Pledge Recording Secretary & Nursery School:  Molly Hayner

Fellowship:  Molly Hayner & Carrie Arretche

Fundraising & Facilities Management:  Dave White & Miguel Arocho

Clerk of Consistory & Secretary:  Sharon Groat

Church Custodian:  Lois Hayner

Treasurer:  Laurie Reynolds