Youth Group Update - 3.6.14

by Jordan White

Hey folks,

This Sunday:

We will have our regular meeting this Sunday at 6:00, ending at 7:30.  This is an important meeting as we will be defining our teams for our 3 mission projects.  I have been doing some work on these projects this week and I have a good deal of information ready to hand over to the kids.  So, I'll need all of us here for this in order to make sure that everyone is involved in the team that want to be on.  When we have the teams selected, we will have each team work towards putting together their individual mission project.  When the project is ready to execute, that team will act as the "leaders" for their given project.  

The three projects:

Host a visitor from Albany Medical Center Children's Hospital and Make a Donation.

Volunteer at an Animal Shelter and Make a Donation.

Create Care Packages for our Shut-Ins and Deliver Them.

Please have your kids thinking about which of these they feel most drawn to so that we can move things along successfully on Sunday Night.  And as always, please let me know if your child can't be with us for any reason.


Upcoming Dates to Mark:

Youth Group Lock-In: Friday April 4 at 6:00

Youth Sunday: May 4

All-Youth Acolyte Training: May 4 (After Worship)

Sing Forth The Kingdom: June 1

Moving Up Sunday: June 15

I will keep you up to date as more things are added here, namely our mission projects.


Thanks again for your support of the program and your continued to commitment to work alongside me and the rest of the congregation to care well for these children of God.


In Peace,