Youth Group Update - 2.27.14

by Jordan White

Hey folks,

Thank You:

Thanks so much for the great mid-year check-ins.  Its so helpful for me as I attempt to craft a program that works for everyone to have time to talk with you and to get feedback from you and especially the kids.

This Sunday:

There is no Youth Group this Sunday night as I will be working with our Consistory at our monthly meeting.  However, as always, your kids are encouraged to be with us for worship on Sunday morning.  We gather to remember that we are indeed God's children and with communion being this Sunday, what a great opportunity for them to once again be in the presence of God and this community.

Next Week:

Youth Group Schedule will resume on the following week, Sunday, March 9 with our meeting being at 6:00-7:30.

Upcoming Dates to Mark:

Youth Group Lock-In: Friday April 4 at 6:00

Youth Sunday: May 4

Sing Forth The Kingdom: June 1

Moving Up Sunday: June 15

I will keep you up to date as more things are added here.


Thanks again for your support of the program and your continued to commitment to work alongside me and the rest of the congregation to care well for these children of God.


In Peace,