Youth Group Update - 3.22.14

by Jordan White

Hey folks,

Here is your Youth Group Update for this week.

This Sunday:

We are meeting this week at our regular time of 6:00-7:30 for fellowship and to check in on our mission projects.  Please have your kids check in with that portion of our website to make sure they're on track.

Next Week:

We will have our regular meeting on Sunday, March 30.

Mission Projects:

To check in on what needs to be done for these projects to move forward, grab your kid and follow this link.

Forward Motion:

Dates that should be on your calendar...

Lock-In - April 4-5

Easter - April 20

Youth Sunday - May 4

Moving Up Sunday - June 15


Just a note as usual to say thanks so much for the great attendance that we have been having at Youth Group meetings lately.  Last week, we had everyone who is involved in our mission projects, which makes it fun and helps us to move our projects forward.  As always, your kids being present in our community is not only a blessing to them, but to our congregation as well.  We are charged with bringing these kids up in a faith community in a world where that is very difficult.  The more that we can keep them involved in the life of our church(Sunday worship, youth group, church events), the more that they will begin to understand the rhythm of this life that we live together.  Thank you for all you do to keep your kids "in rhythm."

In Peace,