Youth Group Update 10.9.14

by Jordan White

Hey folks,

Here is your youth group update for this week.

This Sunday:

This week, I will not be at church so we won't have youth participation during the service.  It would just be too much to have other folks instructing the kids.  However, we will have youth group dung discovery time, with the mentors leading.  So, please have them here for both Worship and Disoery Time.

Next Week:

Next Week will be similar a I will be on my way to seminary in Holland, MI.

Forward Motion:

The Turkey Supper is coming up on Saturday Octoer 18.  I am hopeful that all of our youth will be able to participate in some way in this event.  If they haven't signed up yet in Poff Hall, please have them do that this Sunday.  They will be under the leadership of Linda Kapusta in the dining room.  A note about tips:  Linda will establish a tip jar for the youth group.  All tips are to be placed in that jar and not taken home by individuals.  The proceeds from the tips will go to a special youth fellowship event of their choosing.

The Spaghetti Supper is just a few short weeks after the Turkey Supper. This is the start of our mission projects for this year as we will raise money by putting on the dinner.  Jim Holbrook and Sue Kapusta will be in touch with me with more details as we get closer to the event.  For not, just have it on your calendar.   Its November 4.

The Christmas Play will be put on by the Youth Group this year on December 21.  Your play direction staff this year will be Miguel Arocho with assistance from Brian Hodgkins, Justin Rynolds, and Becky White.  Rehearsals for this will begin on Sunday, October 26 starting at 5:30 and concluding at 8:00.  Dinner will be provided for all participants.


I think that's all for now.  I apologize for the upcoming spottiness in my schedule.  Its just the way things ended up this year with school being in October.


In Peace,