Youth Group Update - 1.23.14

by Jordan White

Hey folks,


I'm back from Michigan and looking forward to meeting with our great group of kids again.  I just wanted to give you the update on where we are headed.  

This Week:

This Sunday night we will meet at our usual time of 6:00-7:30.  We will jump right back into discussing our mission project.  Thanks to the hard work of the kids and adult volunteers, we raised over $900 to put towards our mission project.  We will review the ideas that the kids had and see how we might be able to implement them.  We will also start talking about what it means to be a Christian in today's world, where it seems like its ever harder for our young people to make a full claim on their faith.

Next 2 Weeks:

There will be no meeting on the week of February 2 as I will be away at Fowler with the God Squad and then some of you will be watching some kind of sporting event or something that night...

Then, on the following Sunday, February 9, the Youth Group will be meeting for lunch after church, instead of our usual evening meeting.  We will meet from 11:30-1:00 and we will discuss lunch details later.  The reason for this is that we have our transitional consistory meeting that evening, which I can't miss.  So keep your eyes on your email for this.

Forward Motion:

Our mid-year check-ins will begin in February, so please be ready for that.  This is a really important time for me as the Youth Group leader, you as the parent, and your children as the student to connect in a way that moves our programming forward.  Please make every effort that you can to be present with us for these meetings.

Also, I will be working on a Spring schedule over the next few weeks and do my best to get that to you as soon as I can.


Thanks so much for being great parents of great kids!  See you Sunday!


In Peace,