YG Update - 10.4.13

by Jordan White

Hey folks, 

I apologize that this is late in getting out.  I have had a hectic week, with lots of things going on!  Its good to be busy, but sometimes it gets a little tiring!


This Week:

This week we will have our two regularly scheduled meetings.  One after church on Sunday and one on Sunday Night at 6:00.   For our Sunday night meeting I have asked each one of your children to bring an idea about what we might be able to do with the funds that we raise from our Election Night Spaghetti Supper.  It is very important to me that this mission project, whatever it ends up being, is owned fully by your kids.  I want to be sure that what we come up with comes from them.  So, please help them to consider how we might make a difference in our community or the world with this money that we raise on November 5.


Next Week: 

Next week, we will have our meeting after church, but not our regular Sunday night meeting.  This is because we will be very busy on Saturday night with our Youth Group Bonfire.  We have several other churches bringing youth to come and celebrate togetherness with us.  The event is from 5:30-8:00 and we will ask you all to bring food stuffs of some sort.  That information will come out via email in the upcoming week. 


Forward Motion: 

Keep November 5 on the calendar as we will be busy boiling noodles and simmering sauce!   

Also, remind your kids about our Christmas Program.  The scripts are on their way and as soon as I get them, you will have them.  Our first rehearsal is November 3, but your kids should be able to see their scripts for a couple of weeks prior to that so that they can get comfortable with their lines. 


In Closing: 

Lots going on!  This is a good thing, but always remember to contact me if you can when your child won't be joining us.  This has been working well so far and does a lot to ease any tension that I might feel.  Also, remember that your children's friends are always welcome.  Sometimes bringing a friend to Youth Group is the best way to share the love of Christ with someone else.


Thanks for all the support and for being great people to work with.


In Peace,