YG Update - 10.10.13

by Jordan White

Hey folks,

As the weather outside starts to cool down, the youth groups schedule starts to heat up.


This Week

We have two engagements this coming weekend.  Our first is the Youth Group Bonfire on Saturday night starting at 5:30 and ending at 8:00.  Our kids will be hosting as 5 other churches descend on West Glenville with their youth groups in tow!  It should be a great night of food, fun, games and singing.  All I ask is that you each bring some hamburgers and buns with you.  The typical pack of 6 or 8 should be fine.  We have some frozen here left over from the Rally Day Picnic, so if you all bring a package of each, we should be good.  

On Sunday, we will have our regularly scheduled meeting after church.  This is a very important meeting as we will be handing out the scripts for the upcoming Christmas Play.  Our first rehearsal will begin on Sunday November 3, so your child will have a few weeks with the script to get it all under their belt before we even begin rehearsals.  So please plan on having your child here with us for Sunday after church. 


Next Week

Next week, we will back to our regularly scheduled goings on with our meeting after church and our Sunday night meeting.  Remember to keep asking your kids to think about a mission project.  We had some great ideas coming out on Sunday night.  I was so encouraged to hear them start engaging the idea in a real way.


Forward Motion

Our next event after the Bonfire will be the Election Day Spaghetti Supper.  Sue Kapusta and Jim Holbrook will be helping the kids lead this along with the God Squad.   The details of this event will become clearer as we get closer to it, but for now, just keep the date on your kid's calendars and keep in mind that we will probably have a preparation party sometime before that event.


Thanks again for everything that you do to encourage your kids to participate in our programs.  Always feel free to have them bring their friends, cousins, or other relatives along with them.  Our Youth Group doors are always open! 


In Peace,