YG Update - 10.17.13

by Jordan White

Hey folks, 

Here is your Youth Group Update for this week. 


This Week:

This weekend will be another busy one for our Youth Group here.  Most of your kids will be working the Turkey Supper as servers under the tutelage of Linda Kapusta, who is coming back from Vermont specifically for this event.  If your child is not yet signed up to do this, please bring them on Saturday to around 1:30 to jump in and start helping out.  We can always use more hands to make our dinner go smoothly. 

On Sunday, we will meet both after church and then again at our usual meeting time of 6:00 pm.  This will be an important evening meeting as we will be handing out our scripts for the Christmas Play.  This will give your kids two weeks with their parts before the first rehearsal so that we aren't starting off cold.  Please have them with us on Sunday night to get their scripts.


Next Week:

Next week is sure to be a blast as the God Squad will be leading Youth Group on Sunday night in my absence.  They always do a great job in this role and the kids have a great time. 


Forward Motion:

Shortly after the Turkey Supper is over, there will be solid information about the November 5th Spaghetti Supper that the Youth Group will be putting on.  I will get you this info as soon as I have it from the two adult leaders who are co-leading the event.  Just keep it on your calendars right now and start inviting friends and family to attend.


I think thats it for now.  I'm looking forward to our Spaghetti Supper and the work on Christmas Play.  Thanks for all of you support and for getting the kids out for Youth Group.  It makes a huge difference to our church to have such a vibrant youth program! 


In Peace,