Youth Group Update 9.25.14

by Jordan White

Hey folks

Here is your update for this week.


This Week:

We will have our regular youth group meeting on Sunday during Discovery Time.  However, there will be one difference.  Once a month, when Pastor Bill is on his week off, the Youth Group will accompany me to Sermon Talk-Back.  I think our kids are old enough to get something out of this and I think its important for them to see our community engaging their faith development in this way.  So, I will be there leading Sermon Talk-Back with our youth and our youth mentors.  So, remind your kids to pat attention to that Sermon on Sunday.


Worship Participants:

Greeters/Collection - Bill and Brandon

Acolyte - Jack

Call To Worship - A'Shawna

Prayer of Confession Scripture - Molly

Ushers/Bell Ringers - Josh and Sean can ring the bell and help seat folks


Next Week:

Our normal schedule will resume next week.


Forward Motion:

Your kids should sign up to help with the Turkey Supper on Saturday, October 18.

Be sure you have Tuesday, November 4 on your calendar as well so they can participate in the Election Day Spaghetti Supper.



In Peace,