Youth Group Update - 6.5.14

by Jordan White

Hey folks,

Here is your Youth Group update for this week:

This Sunday:

We will meet at the church for Youth Sunday at 9:00 AM.  Please have the kids here right on time so that we have time to work through the entire service and get everyone feeling good and comfortable for the service.  Youth Sunday should be relaxed and fun and good preparation can allow us to do that.

There will be no Youth Group meeting on Sunday night as we are already working hard for Sunday morning and I also have a consistory meeting.

Next Weekend:

On Saturday, your kids have been requested to be helpers for the auction.  If they are available to help out, they should be there at 5:30.  See my previous email or get in touch with Katie Donnan for more details on that.

On Sunday, as always, they should come to church in the morning.  :)  Its just good to have them here with us.  Then in the evening we will celebrate with our final Youth Group meeting of the year at 6:00.  We will have a cookout around the fire pit.  I'll let you know next week what your kids can bring to help out with that.

Moving Up Sunday:

Moving Up Sunday is going to be June 22.  That will be the day that all of our kids are honored for their growth as young followers of Christ.  So, if you can have them here with us, as always, thats a great thing!  I'll have a special gift and note for each one of them and they will all be honored during worship.

Vacation Bible School:

As always, we'd love to have your kids help us out with Vacation Bible School this summer.  The dates are July 27 - July 31.  Its an evening one again, so please have them ready to go for that if they are willing to volunteer to be youth leaders for that.

I think that's if for now.  Just check your emails again for the bulletin for Sunday, so that your kids can get up to speed if they weren't with us over the weekend.



In Peace,