Youth Group Update - 12.6.13

by Jordan White

Hey folks,

Just a reminder that we have re-arranged the Christmas Program to allow for a simpler presentation and a less stressful season of Advent.  Please remind your kids to be thinking about their skits and working on things as we look ahead to another week of rehearsal.

We will likely be rehearsing on Sunday December 15 in the late afternoon, so the kids can only have to come back to church once.  I will have more details about this in next week's update. 

Also a reminder that is important for our children to be with us in worship that they might begin to understand the rhythm of Christian Community.  I know that sometimes its a challenge to get them out the door and believe me, I understand how busy life is these days, but I also feel that is so good for our kids to view our Community in the most important act that we do together, which surely is worship.

I hope that you all are having a blessed Advent this far and that you are able to find time in the business to be in the presence of your family and friends and to remember why it is that we celebrate this beloved season.

In Peace,