YG Update - 11.9.13

by Jordan White

Hey folks,

Last Week: 

Our rehearsals are up and running for the play and thats the only thing left for this season as we go forward.  The Spaghetti Supper was a huge success with our Youth Group raising over $900 to support our mission project coming up in the winter/spring.  Thanks to all of you for coming our and for bringing your kids along to help.  It was a great event! 

Play Rehearsals:

Our play rehearsals will be every Sunday night from 6-8 pm , with dinner at 5:30.  Please note this change from our regular schedule.  This change will allow us to be able to better prepare your kids for the Christmas Program on December 15 so that they feel more confident about their presentation.

As always, keep me up to date on when your kids will be unavailable for something as its great for me to know.

Thanks for everything you do to support this program! 

In Peace,