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Our worship is classic, unique, and contemporary.

            Our services are classic in that we follow the established Reformed Church in America flow of worship.  We begin with the Approach to God, this is where we acknowledge God’s greatness and remember that we are small.  We approach God in praise, in prayer, in thanksgiving, and in confession.  From there our worship moves to the Word of God.  This is where we listen for how God is at work in our lives.  We hear God’s word in scripture, in song, in the message to children and the message to the congregation.  We also listen for God’s word in prayer.  After seeking the word and will of God, we move to our Response to God.  We respond to God through our offering, by singing, and with a congregational prayer.

            Our worship is also classic in that we use certain pieces of traditional liturgy on a weekly basis.  We believe that there are certain parts of our tradition as members of the body of Christ that are worthy of being carried into the future in a meaningful way.  Our organ, though not the exclusive means of worship music, is used on a weekly basis and our church choir is also involved every week in worship from September-June.

            Our worship is unique in that our services reflect the unique quality of our local community.  We use the gifts and talents of the individuals that make up our body of Christ to create a style of worship that is truly all our own.  Music means a lot here at West Glenville and so we incorporate music into many different parts of the service.  We  also use lay readers from the congregation on a weekly basis to involve members of the congregation.  Our Youth Group acts as the acolytes and we offer an opportunity for anyone to speak during our congregational prayer.  In the summer months, it is not unusual to find a full bluegrass band equipped with banjo, upright bass, and guitar at the front of the sanctuary leading worship.  We live in a unique close-knit hill community, and our style of worship reflects that.

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            Our worship is contemporary in that we are constantly seeking ways to remain relevant in an ever-changing world.  Our praise band is at the center of this idea.  During the months from September-June, we have a full praise band equipped with drums, acoustic guitars, electric bass, banjo, and piano.  Each week this band leads us as we sing contemporary and traditional praise music from our new hymnal, "Lift Up Your Hearts."  Our choir, which sings its anthems a cappella, often signs new compositions and arrangements that are done in-house by our music director.  For more information, see our “Music Ministry” page.

            Our worship is classic in that we value our past.  Our worship is unique in that we reflect our community.  And our worship is contemporary in that we seek to move forward into the future as a congregation.   Please join us for worship and see for yourself the synergy that can be found when all of these elements are brought together by the will of the Holy Spirit.  Come seek God with us.

Worship is a 10:00 on Sunday.