Week 5 - Sabbath

Sabbath is the practice of taking time out of one's schedule to rest.  We learn of Sabbath when we encounter the creation story.  In the story, God worked hard and then when the work of creation was completed, God rested and enjoyed the fruits of his labor.  God took Sabbath.

So, for this practice, we look at what it means for us not only to take Sabbath in our busy lives, but to be people who live a Sabbath lifestyle.  In our culture today it is extremely difficult to find any free time, so in order for us to live a Sabbath lifestyle, we must make an intentional decision to do so.

The Practice

This practice can be separated into two distinct segments.  The first segment is the one that comes first to mind when one thinks of Sabbath.  Its the act of "taking" Sabbath.  In this part of the practice of Sabbath, we set aside time to be a creature, enjoying the fact that we are God's creations.  We may do this by resting or relaxing, by spending time with loved ones and friends, or by engaging in certain tasks that allow to go about them in a sabbath mood.  This is something that must be done intentionally, meaning that we must often work to find these times and engage in them as though they are gifts from God.  Essentially what's happening in these moments is that we are acknowledging who we are as God's created beings.

The second segment of this practice is that act of living a Sabbath lifestyle.  When we do this, we make the conscious decision to live in such a way that our lives and the choices we make allow for others to have Sabbath rest.  When we live this way, we are acknowledging other people's creature-hood and their place in the world as a beloved creation of God.

The Assignment

For this practice, I hope that you can engage both levels by not only setting aside Sabbath time for yourself, but by allowing yourself to begin living a Sabbath lifestyle where those around you might be able to find their own Sabbath rest.

Go to it with joy!