Christian Education Team Members Page

Current Team Members

Young Child Rep I - Becky Bednarek

Youth Group Child Rep I - Jessica Bryden

Youth Group Child Rep II - Jim Holbrook

Young Adult Rep - Brian Hodgkins

Adult Rep I - Mary Holbrook

Adult Rep II - Sue Kapusta

Adult Rep III - Bill Kenneally

Adult Rep IV - Carlyn Trojan

Last Meeting

At our last meeting, we focused on team building and the beginnings of our visioning work for our congregation and our educational programs.

We asked these questions:

1.  How do you see the education program at this church helping to fulfill the congregation's baptismal vows, particularly in regards to caring, nurturing, and supporting all who come here?

2.  What is the vision for our young children's programs, such as Nursery Care, Sunday School, and VBS?

3.  What is the vision for Youth Group program?

4.  What is the vision for our Adult Education Programs and how can we encourage the whole congregation to participate in some way in these offerings?

The hope with these questions is that we can begin the process of visioning an educational program that will allow us as a congregation to fulfill our baptismal vows and to care for each other along the whole way of this journey.

Next Meeting

Our next meeting is scheduled for Sunday, April 6 at 5:30PM.  Dinner will be provided.